College research papers

Students are normally required to write college research papers on various topics in the course of their studies.  This is due to the important role these papers play in the academic development of students. They test their ability to explain and express themselves in a logical and understandable manner. It is therefore, crucial that they know the various steps that should be followed when writing college research papers.

The student should first ensure that he has fully understood the topic of the paper. Most of the time, students are required to choose the topic for research or the topic can be given by the tutor. In making sure that he has understood the topic, the student should use relevant sources of information that cover the topic. These include books, journals, publications and magazines. They give the student ideas on the topic that complement what he already knows.

The student should then develop an outline for the paper. These are the points that will be discussed in order of importance. The student should start with the most pivotal points first and finish with the least important. Most college research papers require the student to demonstrate full understanding of the topic. It is therefore, upon the student to develop his points with the proper headings and subheadings in the outline.

After writing the outline, the student should embark on writing the paper. He should pay particular attention to the writing style provided for use in the paper. The language chosen should be comprehensible and easy to understand. Words chosen must be in context and properly used. This will prevent the paper being ambiguous and unclear. The student must avoid plagiarism in his work. This is the use of information by an author and failing to cite it. Any information from other sources must be cited if they are used in the paper. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and normally leads to serious fines and penalties. The sources of information used should be cited in the body of the paper using the relevant writing style. The student should also remember to indicate the data collection methods he has used in the college research papers. This will guide the reader in understanding and it will be easier for anyone to replicate the study.

After writing the entire paper, it should be proof read for any errors and mistakes. The student can request his colleague to assist in reading and editing the paper. This involves checking grammatical and typographical errors in the entire document. The proof reader should also have the outline of the paper. It will be easier to countercheck whether all the points that had been earmarked for discussion have been included. The outline will also help in knowing whether the points have been discussed sequentially and logically. This will make the entire paper error proof and enhance its quality. College research papers require strict observance of timelines. This will prevent the student incurring fines due to late submissions. The student should always liaise with the tutor in case he needs more time.