11,2.64,2.35,0.44,3.47,2.06,0.22,2.18,2.60,1.60,1.49,2.44,2.13,4.64,2.06,3.82,2.56,6.01,2.49,3.63,4.02,4.34)NOTE: We are asked to run the data in “R”.

Developmental Psychology (Mar. 2003) published a study on teacher perceptions of the behavior of elementary school children. Following that study, a local school had teachers rate the aggressive behavior of a sample of 50 students by responding to the statement “This child threatens or bullies others in order to get his/her own way.” Responses were measured on a continuous scale, ranging from 1 (never) to 5 (always).   In the past, the ratings have been near a 3. You would like to determine if there is evidence to suggest that school children are becoming less aggressive than in previous terms. Conduct a hypothesis using ?=0.10. Remember to state and check any assumptions, decide on a test, and clearly state the hypotheses and your findings.Ratings=c(2.84,2.02,1.82,0.96,1.17,1.34,2.47,3.90,1.88,4.67,3.63,4.60,1.98,3.39,2.36,2.67,3.56,0.85,4.56,4.28,3.24,1.80,1.77,2.09,4.59,3.78,2.59,2.57,4.11,2.64,2.35,0.44,3.47,2.06,0.22,2.18,2.60,1.60,1.49,2.44,2.13,4.64,2.06,3.82,2.56,6.01,2.49,3.63,4.02,4.34)NOTE: We are asked to run the data in “R”.

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