A Formula to Compute Reputational Score

For a thesis / whitepaper I am looking for a the following formulas;
– Determining the reputation score of an individual (0-100) based on upto 10 factors.
– Determining the satisfaction score of an individual (0-100) based on upto 5 factors
– Determination of risk score based on upto 5 factors
– Determination of performance score based on the above three metrics
At the moment I only need the mathematical formulas for a whitepaper – nothing more than that. Eventually this will be used in AI/ML to make informed decisions.
This is for a cybersecurity project – the factors will be explained once awarded.
So to help you understand, I don’t have the formulas right now and they need to be developed. I give you one example. We have one formula to calculate the digital reputation of a person. The reputation is a score out of 0-100% and is based on five categories. In each category there are 4-5 variables that are looked at. Based on the individual scores these variables and then combined from the different categories the reputation score is calculated. That is all I am looking for – I am only looking for the mathematical formula that will go into my whitepaper. Later we will use this logic to compute. I hope that clears thee question. I need to finalize this today please.