Air Euro – Relocation of Head Office

Air Euro – Relocation of Head Office

Assignment Brief
You work for a Netherlands based airline, AirEuro, which has its headquarters close to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.
Operating as a low cost carrier, the airline has experienced considerable growth since it was launched 10 years ago and the company is optimistic passenger volumes will continue to grow. This has led the airline to develop a plan to double its fleet size over the next 5 years and expand its route network.
In view of this expansion, not only does the company need to recruit pilots and cabin crew but it will also have a requirement to fill a large number of head office positions to support the expansion.
The current head quarters in Schiphol is already fully occupied so Air Euro has decided to relocate its existing quarters office based staff of 200 personnel to a building capable of accommodating 300 personnel.
This move needs to be undertaken within a relatively short period (no more than 6 months) so it will not be possible to have a purpose built head office constructed. Instead, the company wishes to identify a suitable prebuilt office facility. Since the company is a low cost carrier it is planning to move to a location 30kms from the airport where office lease costs for good quality buildings are much lower than what the company is currently paying.
None of the existing office furniture will be transferred to the new offices will be purchased and fitted into the new headquarters. However, there will be a requirement to transfer office equipment (fax machines, photocopiers, filing cabinets and computer hardware).
As one of the original senior managers within the airline, and having gained wide experience in various departments, you have been designated as the Project Manager to oversee this particular project.
Assignment Tasks
1 Reviewing the Project Scope (15 marks)
The company has decided to appoint a real estate agent to assist in identifying a suitable head office and one of your first tasks as the Project Manager is to meet the agent. You will need to review the scope of the project specified in the Project Charter document to ensure you have the appropriate information ahead of your meeting.
Discuss the key issues that you would expect to be included in the scope of the project which will enable you to communicate to the real estate agent your property requirements, prior to the agent undertaking the search.

2 Risk Assessment (15 marks)
Before commencing the project it would be necessary to carry out a Risk Assessment. (20 marks)
• Specify five risks
• Outline the action you would take to minimize each risk
• Outline the contingency plans you would have with regard to each risk

3 Project Team Members and Key Responsibilities (10 marks)
Identify the key people that would be required in the Project Team and outline the main tasks which should be allocated to them.

4 Milestones (20 marks)
List what you would consider to be ten important milestones of the project.

Overall structure and clarity of the report (5 marks)
Conclusion and Recommendations (5 marks)