Analysis of one of Hume’s Arguments Touching on the Existence of God

an analysis of one of Hume’s arguments touching on the existence of God. You can choose Exercise 11, 12, or 13 on pages 202-5.
Once again:
1) Summarize the argument, identifying the assumptions (or first principles), the chain of reasoning (include intermediate conclusions if you wish), and the conclusion. Verbally describe them and assign a number to each step.
2) Construct a standard diagram for the argument, using the numbers you have assigned. You can do this on the computer with the help of the Insert Symbol and the underline function, but it’s all right if you draw it by hand and attach it.
3) Ask the Assertibility Question and decide whether you find the argument convincing, and why or why not. Does the conclusion follow from the reasons given? If not what is the formal fallacy, or what further reasons or evidence must be shown?