Analysis the Movie: Heat(Mann, 1995)

Papers are evaluated in terms of their repressiveness to the assignment and to the material presented in “Looking at movies, 4nd Edition”, the logical coherence of their arguments, their quality of organization, their rhetorical sophistication, as well as their grammatical conventions. All papers should reference specific sources and bee presented in MLA.

Need to pay attention to the way the camera moves. Observe the composition (the light, shadow, and arrangement) within the frame. Think about how the film was edited. Note the sound design. In short, consider the elements that make up the film. How do they function, separately and together? Need to attention Formal element support thing, identify the theme of film, Know the director use lighting support thing.

You may or better to use Principles of Film Form, types of movies, Elements of Narrative, Mise-en-Scene, Cinematography, Acting to analysis the movie.

Please each write the proposal for this paper, the research plan and list of sources for this paper,and the outline for this paper.

Need three sources for this paper (paper book, not web).

One of sources is [Look at Movies: An Introduction to Film. 3nd Edition.]

Please make sure you use the third person in this essay. NO the first person “I”.