Art in Italy

so for every page its a different topic.. Theres 4 topics in total..

TYPES OF WORK WE HAVE LOOKED AT;;; dont know if the link will work… but look at the list

16th Century Art in Italy

16th Century Art in Northern Europe & the Iberian Peninsula

17th Century Art in Europe,? pp. 712-769.

Modern Art in Europe & the Americas

Art of South and Southeast Asia after 1200

Chinese and Korean Art

Japanese Art after 1333

Art of the Americas after 1300

Art of the Pacific Cultures

Art of Africa in the Modern Era


1))) Visit a virtual museum collection and write about at least two specific works of art.

You may visit one of the following virtual museum collections and select two works of art from our period of interest to discuss in a short paper. Why did you choose these works? Is there a relationship between them? Be sure to include an image of the works you are discussing and cite the museum from which they came.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC)

Museum of Modern Art (NYC)

Guggenheim Museum (NYC)

Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)

Louvre Museum (Paris)

Mus?e d?Orsay (Paris)

British Museum (London)

National Museum (Berlin)

Or other sites approved by the instructor.

2)))) Find an Art-Related Article Online

If you see an article online that you think is relevant to our class, then include the URL in a paper that explains the significance of the article.

3) View an art documentary and write a synopsis.

Be sure to view a film that deals with works of art from our period of interest. Go to the Media Services website and click on the ?Online Media Catalog.? Select ?ART? as the subject and scroll through to find an appropriate video. After you view the film, write a summary. You can, of course, utilize other sources (such as renting, cable, PBS, etc…) to view films, as long as they have an art historical focus.

4) Find a YouTube video relevant to World Art.

I?m looking for interesting and informative video clips about art history. If you find a YouTube video that relates to what we have discussed or what we will discuss in class, then include the URL of the video in a paper that describes the significance of the video. Remember that the videos must be 100% relevant to the course content, and your paper should explain its relevance. I’m looking specifically for clips on artists, art, art history, art historians, archaeology, new discoveries, museums, art galleries, art in the news, world travel, world cultures, world religions, etc.