Brayshaw Ceramics

Brayshaw Ceramics

Brayshaw Ceramics have approached you to write a report on the possible expansion of their e-Business interests. An analysis of the business has uncovered the following facts:

Brayshaw Ceramics is a family owned business and has been established for over 20 years based in the same high street shop. They make bespoke ceramics for customers, often for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, etc. Customers can choose from a range of undecorated pieces, select the patterns and writing and the glazing to be used. The ceramics are made in the workshop behind the shop and held for collection or dispatched via courier when ready.

Although customers can and do call in to view stock and place orders, there has been a trend in recent years towards orders being placed via the phone or email. Although local business remains high, there has been a noticeable increase in orders from further afield, including foreign countries. The company has its details placed on several company listing sites and customers often find their details this way.

At present, the company chooses the materials they need online using supplier?s websites, but place the purchase order and make payments using traditional non electronic means. The clay used to make the pieces is supplied by one company at present and a deal negotiated 18 months ago means they are locked in, but this is due for review in six months time. Other materials are placed with suppliers on an ad hoc basis based upon the lowest price on offer at the time.

The company’s web presence is a simple static informational website (?brochureware?). A telephone number is provided and orders can be rung through, or details sent via an email link on the website. The data is keyed into the transaction processing system by an operator.

Their Vision Statement reads: ?To supply quality ceramics for that special occasion?.?

Component 1 Instructions
Your report should cover the following issues:

Element 1:
Discuss and explain the changing business environment, focusing on supply chain management issues.

Element 2:
Analyse a range of current e-business models and choose one that you consider appropriate to the case study.

Element 3:
Analyse and evaluate a range of strategy process models and then choose and justify a suitable model for the case study and develop a strategy using it. Be sure to consider all elements of the framework including analysis, objectives, definitions and implementation.

Element 4:
Construct a range of evaluation criteria and use these to critically evaluate your chosen solution.

Element 5:
Analyse the risks and security issues associated with your chosen solution and identify a strategy for combatting these.

Learning Outcomes:
Knowledge & Understanding 1. Discuss and explain the changing business environment
2. Analyse business models and identify the value of these to a business
3. Propose an appropriate model and strategy for a specified business case
Cognitive & Intellectual Skills 4. Synthesise research and practice when developing an argument to support an e-business solution
5. Carry out research into e-business strategies and use the results of this research to support an analysis of a case study
Practical & Professional Skills 6. Analyse the risks and security issues associated with e-business and identify a strategy for combatting these
Key Transferable Skills 7. Create a business report that communicates findings in a clear, coherent and structured way

Assessment Criteria:
Component 1:
? The appropriateness and breadth of research sources
? The accuracy and appropriateness of research findings
? The ability to construct an argument that supports a chosen solution
? The appropriateness of the chosen solution and the validity of the argument supporting it
? The structure and coherence of the business report
? The accuracy of academic referencing