Business plan

Business plan
Section VII Distribution Plan

Since one of AU79 is located next to Pasadena City College, it makes students and residents accessible to purchase food and drinks. Both of the other two stores are located near supermarket, it is also for customers to make purchases. AU79 will also offer delivery services for every purchase over $20 within five mile between 12-5pm, Monday through Friday, as customers can make their order through phone or online through the website.
Section VIII The Offer

We have designed some special packages to attract new customers and retain past customers. For example, AU79 offers stamp card on every drink purchased. When the customers collect 10 stamps, they are able to redeem a free drink of their desired choice. AU79 also offers free large upgrade on to go drinks to students. AU79 will offer 10% off on every drink purchased for those with student id, and 15% off when customers check in or like our friend-page on Facebook. Moreover, we will offer lunch special for $8.99, customers are able to choose from different combination of the set menu, which include delicious entrees and drinks.
AU79 also offers a VIP card program. “Welcome to the Au79 VIP card program. Please present this card at any of our locations at the time of purchase to receive reward points for being loyal VIP customers! Reward points will be calculated at the point of sale.”

Section IX Marketing Materials

Customers can go on AU79’s website to know more updated information about AU79, menu, and specials offers. We will open up a Fackbook account in order to make connection and interaction with customers. We will of 5% off for those who leave their Email; therefore, we can email the customers whenever we have special offers. On the other hand, we will also mail flyers with coupon to the neighborhoods in order to attract more potential customers.