Capitalism, Class, and the Matrix of Domination

Capitalism, Class, and the Matrix of Domination" and about the documentary "The Fourth World
War" and I need you to include in the paper these important things:
Colonialism: The control, exploitation, appropriation of a territory and
colonies in one area, replacing one group with another group. Examples-
The establishment of American Colonies and the destruction of Native
American societies (Also done in Australia). Imperialism: The control
and exploitation of territory through economic and political control. A
military, political, religious, economic, and social (to civilize the
"natives") presence is placed in the territory, but a civilian
presence is not. Examples- European nations taking over African
continent, China, India, and the Middle East. Neocolonialism: The
indirect economic and political control of an independent nation by a
dominant power. Through policy and military might, a nation is subjected
to policies that mostly benefit the dominant power. (Also called
neoimperialism) Examples- European nations and the U.S. having economic
and political control over the African continent, Middle East, and other
nations. Neoliberalism: Political philosophy that supports unregulated
capitalism, to move factors from government control to corporate
control. Examples- privatizing education, privatizing infrastructure
(police, firemen, roads, etc.). Think of neoliberalism as Laissez-Faire
economic for everything. It’s important to understand that racism,
classism, and sexism go together and it’s impossible to talk about on
without the other. And it’s NOT exclusively an American problem. it’s a
global phenomenon. So, these things are too important to write about in
this paper and in order to discuss of how global neocolonialism and
neoliberalism impacts us from a global perspective, we need to
articulate it both verbally and in written form. I also need you to be
able to explain what’s being said in the documentary and article. First
you need to summarize them both, then give an analysis of the film and

And this is the link of the documentary: but do not forget about the
article too "Capitalism, Class, and the Matrix of Domination."