case study on the Burberry

Using the case study on the Burberry, additional library and Internet resources, and field visit to a Burberry store in your neighborhood,
a) Looking at the case of Burberry, analyze the key success factors in the fashion industry, and strengths and weaknesses of Burberry with respect to these key success factors. How have its strengths and weaknesses been influenced by its approach to managing competitive moves, over its history
b) using the method of scenario analysis, design three scenarios for the future of fashion retail, by considering key success factors and key environmental trends. Discuss which of these four scenarios represent an opportunity for Burberry and which represent a threat, and why.
c) Design three modes of growth – custom shop, network exchange, and product stream -for Burberry going forward. Match each mode to the three scenarios you have designed for the future of Burberry.
Include your citations in APA format. Your analysis should be around 450 words – 150 words per question.