Clinical Journal – Power in the Workplace

Observe your workplace for the use of power by the nurse manager. Respond to the criteria below using current literature to enhance the quality of your writings and support your reasons.

Identify and explain the different forms of power used by leaders in the workplace.

15 points

Discuss which forms of power are used by the nurse manager in your workplace and explain the guidelines nurse manager need to follow when using these forms of power.

25 points

Briefly describe three different situations in the workplace where the nurse manager used his/her power to address or resolve the situation. Discuss the forms of power he/she used and explain if this form of power had a negative or positive effect in each situation.

25 points

If you were the nurse manager explain what types of power you would use in each of the situations you just described.

25 points

APA format & at least 2 references other than the web to support your writings

10 points

I have been an RN for nine years working at Med/Surge and Detox/Psychiatric unit in a hospital located at NYC.

Textbook: Sullivan, E. (2017). Effective leadership and management in nursing. (8th ed).

New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.