College Entrance.

1. College Entrance. How do the requirements of college entrance in France compare to what you experienced, i.e. taking the bac, choosing a specialization, competition among students? How would you feel about having to take the bac to secure entry into a university? Are you familiar with another country/culture that has a similar system? Talk about the merits of various systems as you see them.
2. Sense of Community. Would you prefer to live in a place where people have a strong sense of local community but where the responsibility of organizing local issues falls to the residents (as in the U.S.), for example monitoring recycling or volunteering at school? Or would you prefer to live somewhere where people have less of a sense of local unity (as in France) but the government takes care of local administrative issues? Be sure to explain your choice.
3. Language Laws. Taking into consideration the importance of French language to culture and identity as well as the threat of English, what do you think of the law requiring that 40% of all music on the radio must be in French?