Company Law

Project description
1500 word long Individual Essay

Title of coursework task: Company law

1. Spotless Ltd has been trading successfully for sometime now. Ahmed, Ali and Mark are the shareholders and directors of the company. Ahmed had helped his cousin, Ali to become a shareholder hence director of the company by granting him an interest free loan. In return, Ahmed had hoped that Ali would always vote as directed by him and that Ali would sell his shares to him after a period of five years at a price to be fixed by Ahmed. During the first two years of the business, Ali voted as directed by Ahmed. However, recently Ali started disagreeing with Ahmed on company matters and has repeatedly turned down Ahmed’s offer to buy his shares. Instead, Ali is trying to assume more control in the company as its profit margin has increased in recent years. Ahmed and Mark have also discovered that Ali is diverting part of the company’s business to a rival company in which he has an interest.

Ahmed now wishes to alter the company’s articles of association so as expel Ali from the company. The new articles would read as follows: “Any member who carries on business competing with the company shall be required by the company, by ordinary resolution, to sell his shares to the other members at a fair price to be fixed by the directors.”

Ali is threatening to commence legal action preventing Spotless Ltd from altering its articles. You are required to advise as to whether:

a) Spotless Ltd can proceed with the proposed alteration.

b.) What difference, if any, would it make to your answer if the alteration were to read as follows: “The company could by ordinary resolution require any member to sell his shares to the other members at a fair price to be fixed by the directors.”

You are required to provide a written answer to the above question. The word limit is 1500 words. You are reminded that you must support your answer with relevant case law and statutory provisions.