Compare and Contrast

Directions: Create an argumentative compare and contrast paper that proves a clear, specific, and not obvious thesis about the two poems we have read. You may choose only TWO text. Rainer Maria Rike’s “Going Blind”, Song Xiaoxian’s “Blind Girl”, Pablo Neruda “Memory” Christina Rosseti “Remember”.

Your essay needs to prove that these TWO poems are linked by a certain theme, that they have two similarities in common with each other in how they convey that theme, and two differences between each other in how they express that theme. To support your point of view strongly, you need to include at least EIGHT references to your two text, at least FOUR from each one, with at least one reference to each text in each body paragraph. You MUST also mention AT LEAST TWO literary devices in your essay and explain how they apply to your poems. The point of your paper is to show the reader that these two text are both similar and different in how they convey their shared theme in a very specific and not obvious ways. NO OUTSIDE RESEARCH. NO OTHER SOURCES. This paper must have a work cited page or in-text citations will automatically receive a zero. About 1000 words. Double spaced. Correct MLA Overall style. Size 12 pt font (Times New Roman) -1 Inch margins all around. All pages numbered at the top right corner (starting on first page) DO NOT INCLUDE THE WORDS “you” “Your” “Our” “We” “Us” “i” “me” or the like. DO NOT BEGIN or end any paragraph with a direct quotation. Intro paragraph: introduces both texts and has thesis statement at last sentence. First Body: explains and proves ONLY the first similarity; include at least one reference from each text. Second body paragraph: second similarity include one reference from each text. Third Body paragraph: has a transitional sentence that explains the move from discussing similarities to discussing differences;explains an proves only the first difference, include at least one reference from each text. Fourth Body: explain and proves only the second difference; include one reference from each text. Conclusion Paragraph: restate your overall point of view (your thesis) in new words briefly explain how your specific reading of these texts could change how they and Theme are viewed in the future.