Consumer behaviour

Consumer motivation is part of almost all areas of consumer behavior in some way. For example, consumer motivations are exhibited during the need recognition and the evaluation of products stages during consumer decision-making. A family with young children almost certainly experiences different motivation than a retired couple when evaluating vacation options. Similarly, motivation certainly impacts purchasing behavior. Many customers will purchase a product because of the prestige associated with the item, even if they know the purchase may not be the best decision for their overall financial status.
All consumers have ideas about how they picture themselves and how they would like to be viewed by the world. Interjected into those thoughts, consumers include their beliefs about products and how those products may or may not play a role in those images. Consumers may purchase a sporty convertible because of the statement they believe it makes about them. A consumer may wear certain clothing with particular brand names as a way of making a statement about personal taste or economic status. Predicting precisely how consumers’ beliefs will manifest in the marketplace, however, is a difficult job. Customers who believe that high-quality products always cost more may actually shy away from a high-quality product that is priced too low.

Select a company and analyze how it uses the Internet to better educate its current and potential customers about its products in order to build greater brand recognition.
Complete the following:
•Select a firm that uses the Internet to offer consumers detailed and helpful information on its products.
•Describe the selected firm and its business.
•Locate the firm’s Web site. Analyze the Web site and how the firm uses it for brand recognition.
•Explain how the Web site is used to educate customers about the firm’s products. Provide examples.
•Describe how the Web site is used to create a lasting, favorable impression of the firm with customers. For example, consider how the firm may use its Web site to increase top-of-mind awareness of its products.
•Describe how the strategies used may affect customer behavior toward the firm’s products.
Guidelines:Use proper APA style and formatting. The content of your assessment should determine its length.