Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Individual academic paper

For this assignment students are required to produce an academic paper. The paper will focus on selected theme(s) covered on the Contemporary Issues in Marketing Module.

Below are the suggested titles for your paper. You will need to choose one early on in the module so make sure you use week one of the programme to familiarise yourself with the title options. You have to make a choice in your tutorial in WEEK 2. The earlier you start on your final paper the better. You can change your mind about which paper you will write ? with the agreement of your tutor – but be aware that changing may require more work to on your part.

It is expected that most papers will have two components: concept and context.

Concept: for example, models of consumer behaviour/marketing/ethics

Context: for example, retailing, grocery shopping, an industry or country. Context could also refer to consumer markets, or business markets.

Developing a paper requires work over an extended period of time in which you will refine your arguments as you encounter new concepts from across the curriculum for the module. To encourage you to begin drafting your paper early on in the module, the in-class test will include questions on your readings and progress on your final paper. Feedback from the in-class test will include advice on developing your academic paper.


1} Critically examine the political, economic and cultural forces which have shaped the field of marketing over time, both as an academic discipline as well as a practice which governs corporations and consumers. Include in your discussion reference to positivist and critical theoretical paradigms, and assess the impact of postmodern perspectives on marketing theory. Use appropriate examples to illustrate the points you make in your paper.
Your work should adopt the conventions of an academic paper so you may find it helpful to take a look at some academic papers to get ideas for how to present your work).