content writing about architecture in Adobe InDesign

Title have been set to What is Architecture
This work should be done in Adobe InDesign, and must have enough figures in it.
Artical structure:
Introduction, cite the works of two architects and closely follow the architect’s design process and changes to the design scheme (if you can please refer to Alejandro Aravena’s The Half House first), cite your own last term’s work and design process (the design report in the uploaded project files), summary.
I’ve meet my tutor 3 times and explained that I wanted to write from the aspect of the structure.
Ask for any necessary files and information if you need.
Project files:
ARC463.pdf: brief of this term.
Example ARC462_Brown_.pdf A example work from professor of a student last year(you only need to care about the paper part)
ARC462 Design Report.pdf: this is my design work in last term.