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Need someone to help me with my Contract Law task. Need help with the below questions.
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Question 1
The rules on formation of contract are often challenged but remain inflexible to ensure
consistency. Discuss whether you agree with this statement. Use case law to support your
Question 2
Elaine visits her local hairdressing salon, Expressions Ltd. On arrival her coat is taken by the
receptionist and she is asked to sign a piece of paper. Elaine asks what she is signing as she has
left her glasses at home. The receptionist says that it is just a receipt so they can tell which coat is hers when she leaves.
The stylist who cuts Elaine’s hair accidentally cuts her ear causing it to bleed profusely. The
highlighting solution the stylist uses burns Elaine’s scalp and actually causes clumps of Elaine’s
hair to fall out.
Elaine complains to the manager saying she will take legal action, but the manager points to a sign
behind the door of the salon which reads: “Expressions Ltd take no responsibility for injuries our
customers sustain whilst on the premises.” Elaine is also shocked to find that her coat has gone
The manager directs her to another notice printed on the back of the piece of paper Elaine has
signed which reads: “No responsibility is taken for loss of customer’s belongings left anywhere on
the premises.”
Advise Elaine of any contractual claim she may have against Expressions Limited. Your answer
should make reference to decided case law and statute.
Question 3
Outline the law relating to the calculation of damages in contract and briefly discuss how this
law would apply to any claim that Elaine may have against Expressions Limited. How fair are
these rules to both claimant and defendant?