Corporate Event Videography

Create an article with the main keyword ‘corporate videographer Brisbane’ being 1% of the content, then the remaining two scaling down from there. Keywords to be in title and in first and last sentence of article. It will be used on a tab named Event Videography. The article must read well and make sense, we are not after keyword density rather the goal is to focus on reader engagements through creating interesting articles. Please bold all keywords so I can see easily see the phrases used. All exclusive rights/copyrights of these articles will belong to me and cannot be used for other jobs or as samples to potential clients. We are expecting high quality original articles and if we are happy with the quality this will become an ongoing regular article writing position for generally 5 articles at a time. ————- Article Name – Corporate Event Videography Primary Keyword: corporate videographer Brisbane Secondary Keyword: video production company, videographer Inspiration/Summary: For Corporate Event Videography page – they provide video coverage for businesses, so they can capture and promote their events to market to potential clients and staff, etc. Launch parties, promotional, conferences, and more. Include coverage such as they find out what the client requires (how they want the footage presented), video the event ensuring the capture the most important parts and then edit and provide a final professional video.