Corporate Governance

Detailed advice regarding academic assessment
The Essay Word Count: 1,000 words +/- 10%
The essay must be on one of five topics:
1. Family firms
2. Perspectives on Entrepreneurial firms
3. Executive pay
4. Comparative corporate governance regimes around the world
5. The role of legal systems in corporate governance
The essay will be graded as a piece of independent academic research and
as such should have the following formal structure:
This is approximately 100 words and can be roughly viewed of as being in
two parts. The first introduces the problem (s) or issue (s) to be
tackled in the essay. The second briefly outlines the key findings from
your piece of research (the essay).
This is where you should introduce the reader (marker) to the problem
you are researching and justifying why the reader should be interested
i.e. making clear the importance of this problem/ issue. At the end of
the first paragraph you should clearly place a research question along
the lines of??.. ??.and as such I am interested to study the impact of
currency and monetary unions on the repatriation of operating profits of
MNE firms? for example. The very last part of the introduction should
outline how you intend to proceed i.e. ?In the next section I outline
the literature behind this problem. In section 3 I analyse and discuss
key findings while the final section concludes.?
Background Literature
This is where you must outline the background literature to your topic.
As such you must access the electronic library, JSTOR, and specifically
academic journals and look for material that is highly relevant to the
specific issue you have chosen to research. More details will be
provided below about potential sources for reference materials.
This section is your opportunity to analyse what you have found in the
literature on your chosen research topic. As such you should make your
analysis real and pertinent to the literature and critically appraise
the literature i.e. the arguments that have been presented in
literature. Very often any subject in the literature will have many
researchers/ authors researching it. These researchers will commonly
have various viewpoints or arguments/ perspectives on that particular
subject or issue. As such this section is your opportunity to
demonstrate how well you have read the subject ? how good your
understanding is and to what depth you have understood the issues.