This assignment asks you to look at your argument from a different point of view. You may end up using pieces of this short paper in your final Informed Rhetorical Argument as your counterargument. You also may end up uncovering evidence that causes you to qualify or revise your original thesis, or the warrants underlying your argument that perhaps need to be made more explicit. The goal of this assignment is not to make you adopt an opposite point of view for your Informed Argument, but rather to help you solidify your understanding of other points of view on your topic, which in turn can help you clarify your own position. One of the best ways to enhance your ethos in your Informed Argument (or any argument) is to show that you can fairly represent points of view that differ from your own—and explain why your audience should still pay attention to your position anyway.
FORM: Your argument should be at least 500 words (about 2 pages in MLA formatting), in which you sincerely argue a position antithetical to the thesis you are arguing in your Informed Argument. This argument must include a Works Cited page including at least three quality sources that support your counterargument (in other words, sources that would not directly support your thesis in your Informed Argument).
Also, keep in mind that this paper is not arguing against a facet of your Informed Argument, but against the core of that argument. This means that your Counterargument should fall under the same core category of argument as your Informed Argument. For example, if your Informed Argument is an argument of evaluation, your Counterargument should also be an argument of evaluation, but arguing for an opposing evaluation. If you are having difficulty coming up with a plausible counter argument, I suggest taking a look at the underlying warrants of your own argument. I am also happy to discuss this in office hours.
EXPECTATIONS: This assignment will be evaluated on how successfully you are able to argue this opposing point of view. In large part, this will depend on how fairly you are able to present this viewpoint, especially including the quality of sources you consult and the quality of evidence and reasoning you provide. You are also expected to write formally and concisely, and your grammar choices should adhere to the standards of academic English. Because this is a relatively short argument, I expect a very high-level of quality of thinking and reasoning. What this assignment lacks in length, it should make up for in sound argumentation.