criminology Are victimless crimes truly victimless

criminology Are victimless crimes truly victimless

Project description
Answer two of the following essays (50 points each question): I recommend that you prepare the essays in a word processing program and copy/paste the text of both answers into the textbox below. Remember to hit the ‘save answer’ button and ‘finish’ to submit your work.

1. Are victimless crimes truly victimless? Discuss the arguments put forth for this legalization or decriminalization, as presented in your text. If narcotics, prostitution, and pornography were legalized, how would it influence American society?

2. Explain why crime control at all costs is a popular sentiment in American society and why it remains so controversial? How does this relate to the crime control and due process models of justice?

3. Explain the nature of white-collar crime and describe some of its common expressions. Discuss the effects of white-collar crime on the social institutions and moral climate of American society. Does white-collar crime have a greater effect on social institutions than street crime? Do you think that a well known person such as Martha Stewart is more or less likely to be treated fairly by the public and the criminal justice system?

4. Explain what is known about serial murderers including a profile and motivations. What does the research tell us about gender differences and serial murderers? Discuss the differences between serial killers and mass murderers. Given the reprehensible nature of these acts, why do you think that these defenders are rarely found to be insane by the standards of the criminal justice system?

5. The television show The Sopranos is a popular portrayal of life in organized crime. Based of what you have learned about organized crime, to what extent is the series accurate in its depiction of such people and activities. Use examples in your answer.
6. It has been said that sex may not be the primary (or only) motive in the crimes of rape and Pedophilia. Explain the meaning of this statement and how these motives are expressed sexually. Describe the controversy surrounding chemotherapy treatments that sexually neutralize rapists and child molesters.

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