Critical, Contextual Review of the film Philadelphia

The purpose of this paper is to write a critical contextual review of the film Philadelphia keeping in mind the subject theme of HIV. Using Critical Discourse analysis, the paper will answer to questions such as:

What ideas, values, beliefs are present/absent ?

Whose voices receive attention ?

Whose interests are served?

How might audiences be influenced?

Which stereotypes are perpetuated?

What norms/values are privileged?

Concepts such as identity politics should be included in the paper.

However the reflection of the paper should move beyond an artistic review and incorporate a social, political, medical knowledge base of the both the producer and audience of the art.

There will be a total of 7 sources to be used in the paper.

3 of which must be found by the writer.

These sources must be either:

reviews, biographies or criticism in order to support the investigation.

Along with these will be include by me the client four in-class readings related to the subjects demanded in the paper.