Deflategate: Federal Judge Overturns Tom Brady’s 4-Game Suspension

1. On the Web, conduct a literature search of a recent article related to any of the chapters in the textbook. The article may be obtained from any source. Relating to Business Law and the Arbitrators ruling on Deflate-gate and why it got turned over by the judge.
2. After you find the article, which you find interesting and write a critique of the article of no more the one page. Provide a link to the article and cite your work in proper APA format. Answer the following criteria in your post:
State the author’s argument and whether you agree or disagree. State your rationale.
Why do you agree or disagree with the argument presented?
Provide the URL address of the source of your article.
Post your name on top of your analysis.
3. No title page needed, just a research summary on the recent article.