Deploying Software By Using Microsoft Intune

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For my post this week I will be talking about Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service in the enterprise mobility management or EMM space that helps enable your staff to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected (Langer 2018). Some of what Intune offers is:
Intune manages the mobiles devices that your company may use to access company data.
Intune manages the mobile apps that your staff uses.
Intune can protect your company’s information by helping to control the way your company access and shares the information.
Intune also ensures the devices and apps are compliant with the company’s security requirements (Langer 2018)
Intune allows your workforce to be productive on all their devices that they may use, while also keeping the organizations information protected. Some of the way that Intune helps to do that is by:
Protecting the company’s on-site email, Office 365 mail, and data so that it can be accessed by mobile devices. Intune also offers with Office 365 secure access from unmanaged public kiosk.
Intune offers a bring-your-own-device or BYOD program to all the employees.
Issues limited-use shared tablet to the task workers (Langer 2018).
Intune works by using EMS or Enterprise Mobility + Security which manages mobile devices and apps for identify control, access control, and data protection (Langer 2018). They way Intune handles app security is by:
Keeping personal information isolated from corporate IT awareness.
Restricting the actions, the staff/users can take with the corporate information. For example, copy and pasting, saving, and viewing sensitive data.
Also, by removing corporate data from mobile apps, also known as selective wipe or corporate wipe (Langer 2018).
Langer, B. (2018, March 1). What is Microsoft Intune. Retrieved May 14, 2018, from