Disciplinary literacies project

disciplinary literacies project

In our cultural artifact analysis, we investigated an artifact in order
to make an idea about the values and practices of the cultures engaged
with it. Now we will make a more specific inquiry. We will investigate
the written artifacts of an academic culture in order to create an idea
about our discipline.

Purpose. Your goal is to tell an engaging story about the way your
discipline writes. You’ll look closely at the writing artifacts that
your discipline produces and make meaningful connections between that
writing and your discipline’s “identity kit”: its mission, traditions,
attitudes, values, beliefs, rhetorical forms, social roles, etc. In
other words, we are trying to connect meaningfully the writing to the
community it comes from. How does this writing serve the discipline’s

Audience. Your audience should be members or potential members of your
discipline who haven’t yet looked at the way the discipline writes. Or
your audience can be your fellow classmates.

Evidence. Here are the kinds of disciplinary artifacts we must investigate:

1) a scholarly article
2) a trade article or textbook
3) a scholarly blog or other Internet-specific source
4) an interview with a member of the discipline

You are also free to use whatever other evidence is valuable to your
inquiry. What else might give you a sense of your discipline’s writing
and its purposes?

Form. You’ll deliver your findings periodically in the form of posts to
a tumblr of your own making. Your writing on this tumblrmust total at
least 1500 words. You will also deliver each of the 3 required posts on
the duedates, uploaded to Angel as MS Word documents.


1) You must make at least 3 synthetic moves in the course of your blog
writing. Synthesisis where you make sense of two or more sources together.
3) You will also deliver at least 3 comments on your classmates’ blogs.
Try to spread the wealth. Make your comments relate to the matter and
hand and remember that this is an academic blog, part of our classroom
4) Each blogger must respond to at least 3 times to comments on his/her
own blog.

Reflection. You will deliver an MS Word document, uploaded to Angel.
Using the MS Word cut and paste feature, arrange your blog writing
paragraphs and order them how you would for a traditional academic paper
(TAP). Using the comment feature in MS Word, give yourself and me a
sense of how you would approach revision to repurpose your blogas a TAP
if you had to (but you don’t), including what you might do to further
develop your ideas. Your reflection will be assessed according to the
quality and thoroughness of its thinking.

Technology. Let’s all use tumblr so we can all follow each other. If you
already have a tumblr, set up a different one dedicated to our course.

Ethics.Set your own privacy settings. But because we are practicing
among ourselves, do not share anyone’s tumblr stuff with anyone outside
our classroom.

Learning objectives

To learn more about how literacy works in a discipline or profession and
to begin to see ourselves as new members of this discipline.
To locate, evaluate, analyze, andsynthesize source materials to generate
new ideas. Use inquiry to generate new ideas.
To understand how research arises from and responds back to communities.

Skills to practice

Investigating and practicingthe rhetorical styles of your discipline.
Using invention, arrangement, and revision strategies. Reading the
invention, arrangement, and revision strategies of sources.
Analyzinga range of sources and synthesizing analyses.
Using MLA citation and bibliographic practices.
Usinginvention, arrangement, and revision strategiesas writing process.
Using internet-based media for writing.