E. a) Pragmatics: Choose 4 advertisements (magazine, newspaper, web,

E. a) Pragmatics: Choose 4 advertisements (magazine, newspaper, web, etc.) and analyze the linguistic information in them according to their use of each of Grice’s Maxims. Append print ads (from magazine, newspaper) at end of project. Posit analyses with precise details about linguistic data and conclusions about use of maxims. (4 ads, 4 maxims each=16 sections in your analysis [Note: Do not analyze non-linguistic data, as Grice’s Maxims are posited only to account for linguistic information.]

E. b) Pragmatics: As #2, but use voicemail (not text) messages as data. Transcribe 4 recorded messages (incoming) with source documentation, and analyze as described in #2. (THIS IS THE PROMPT CHOSEN)

Secondary sources should be academic research articles that discuss Grice’s maxims and their relevance to pragmatic theory. NO NOT use other’s examples for your examples –find your own, but you may reference previous research and examples when explaining your own.

must be in a very spcific format given below
Paper Structure

Clearly label each section and subsection with a heading.

A Introduction
• State the topic and purpose of your paper.
• Outline your findings in brief.
• Formulate a thesis statement.
• Convey the organization of your paper.
B Background
• Review some of the major literature on your topic, making sure to connect it to your project.
• Discuss theoretical controversy if it is relevant to your topic, i.e. your data supports so-and-so’s theory as opposed to another theory.
C Methodology
• Outline how you collected your data (keeping your consultants (if you use them) anonymous of course).
• Provide detail about your consultants if applicable.

These three sections should take up no more than 2 pages combined.

D Data Presentation and Analysis
State clearly what you found: what differences, similarities, patterns did you observe?
Present each linguistic pattern separately.
Provide examples of each pattern.
In the context of your research question or hypothesis, discuss your analysis of the pattern –this is the WHY section –THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PAPER.

Incorporating Data into your research paper

Pay attention to how your data examples are introduced and explained in the articles we are reading in the class. You should follow the same type of format.

• All examples should be clearly introduced.
• All examples should be clearly numbered (numbers should flow sequentially throughout the paper so that data can be referenced in the prose easily vis-à-vis the number).
• ALL examples should be clearly explained. Don’t expect the reader to figure it out.
• When specific words and phrases from your examples are referenced in the prose, MAKE SURE to italicize those words and phrases!


…. This pattern is demonstrated in (1) below:

(1) A: Listen —
B: — No. You listen to me.

In example (1), speaker B emphasizes you and me contrastively, thus creating a face-threatening act through the use of intonation. This is interesting because ….

• If examples are in a language other than English, an English gloss should be provided.
• Do not make sweeping claims without having data to back it up. Precision should always be favored over generality.
• Remember you want to focus on the WHY and the HOW not just the WHAT!
• Don’t just present an example and leave it there. Each example should further an aspect of your thesis statement and be directly related to the arguments you make.
• If you include simple statistics, i.e. counts and percentages in your paper, explain them clearly, don’t just stick in a data table.

F Conclusion
• BRIEFLY recap your findings, discuss avenues for future research, discuss related questions that have arisen due to your study.

The Conclusion Section should be no more than half a page.

G Bibliography
Use MLA or APA format for the bibliography.

Voicemails chosen-
(call from manager of Banana republic in return of an interest within application)
hi this is ken calling from Banana Republic calling for mariah. I am leaving this message regarding your application for a managers position. We looked through applicants files and found interest in yours. Please call me back at 415679-4593. Again that number is 415-679-4593. Thank you Mariah.
(call from best friend for 8 years and meeting up for coffee)
Hey there it’s me. Yes we can meet at the coffee shop tomorrow after i have class. Let me know if you need a ride or so. I will be in your neighborhood and could easily pick yah up. My day was terrible by the way. Okay, well i will talk to you later if not see you tomorrow. Love you
(call from classmate in bio class. KNown for two years)
Hey you, can you call me back when you get a free moment in your day? I needed help with my bio homework and also need to use your book. I don’t know when you are off work and you haven’t been answering all day. Yeah, okay well call me back or just shoot me a text soon lady! bye now
(call from mom prior to vacation trip)
Mariah, you need to give me a call back when you get a chance. I need you to get your passport and birth certificate ready when you come back home for break. Also, i need you to pack, do all of your homework and ready yourself for this trip. Your dad and i dont want you bombarded with assignments on the cruise boat okay? Give me a call back when you get this! Dont delay it!