A. GNP/GDP over the last 10 years (in USD); use charts or tables you create in Excel or other software that you are familiar with; no cut and paste from other resources

B. GNP/GDP growth over the last 10 years (in USD) create charts or tables to summarize trends

C. GDP per Capita over last 10 years; use charts or tables

D. Sectoral Contributions to GDP (Agriculture, Industry, Services); what percentage of

GDP is accounted by Industry, Agriculture and Services and how this has changed over time

INT 113/Country Analysis Report Guidelines/Dr. Bulent Aybar/2

E. Fiscal and Monetary Conditions (Income, Expenditure, Budget Balance, Inflation, Interest Rates) over the last 10 years, use EIU Viewswire date

F. Exports, Imports, Trade Balance and Current Account Balance over the last 10 years

G. Exports (Main export products, and main export destinations)

H. Imports (Main import products, and main import destinations)

I. Foreign Direct Investment (Use FDI assignment guidelines; discuss this in detail)

i. Foreign Direct Investment Inflows (top investors in the country)

ii. Foreign Direct Investment outflows (top destinations for the investors)

J. Exchange Rates and Exchange Rate Stability (Use your exchange rate analysis)

4b. Provide an overarching assessment of the economic strengths and weaknesses of the country

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