Project summary for this poster
The independent variables are two and they are continuous scale split into categorical, I.V1 is Trust, this has two levels which are strongly Agree and strongly Disagree. The I.V2 is Age and this has two levels as well which are younger and older. The dependent variable is depression and this will be measured by one Likert-type scale questionnaires, one will be a depression scale ( Zigmond and Snaith, 1983.) HADS, which ranges from 0-3 and this will measure how one feels in certain situations. Participants will be asked to underline the statements which come closest to how they felt in the past week. A likert trust scale (Rempel, Holmes & Zanna, 1985) will measure trust within close interpersonal relationships. This will indicate to what extent they agree or disagree with the statements on the questionnaire as they relate to someone with whom they have a close interpersonal relationship.
This is a 7 point scale as shown below,
Strongly Disagree as -3, -2, -1 Neutral being 0. And 1, 2, 3 as Strongly Agree.
Participants will be asked to place their ratings in the box to the right of the statement. This scale consists of 3 subscales which are, 1, ( P) for predictability 2, ( D) for Dependability and 3, (F) Faith. Researchers like Roberts,Kaplan, Shema,et al. suggest that it is not clear that age on its own increases the risk of depression, they suggest that there are other factors that could bring on depression. This study will examine whether age and trust has effects on depression.
The design of this study will be a two by two Independent measures, the study will be analysing data using a two way Anova.
Instructions for a psychology poster
1. You will need to create a sum scores for all of the items within each of your IVs, after which you should perform a median split. This will then group the continuous scale data from your IVs into categorical variables with two levels each. You will then be able to set the values for each level. Then analyse using a two way Anova.
poster must contain the following sections:
?? Title
?? Abstract
?? Introduction
?? Material & Methods
?? Results
?? Discussion/Conclusions
?? References (8)
Title: 10 to 12 words
Abstract: not more than 100 words – written as a single paragraph
Introduction: not more than 250 words
Material & Methods: not more than 150 words
Results: not more than 100 words ( USE GRAPHS TO REPORT)
Discussion/conclusions: not more than 150 words
• You should not clutter your poster with overwriting, nor should you oversimplify.