Emotional Behaviors, Stress, and Health – PAPER – Raising a Healthy Child

Paper: Raising a Healthy Child –

This is one of your class papers. It should be written in the format of a scholarly discourse (i.e., discussion). The best submissions are those that:

Are at least 2 full pages in length, double-spaced (Full page = top to bottom).

Include clear presentation of your opinion

Make specific reference to textbook materials.

Use and discuss an outside article from a relevant source (e.g., scientific or psychological reference, major news source)

List your references at the end of your paper.


You are to write a thoughtful paper on this topic following the instructions found in the link Raising a Healthy Child Be sure to include your opinion, incorporate (be specific) textbook ideas or theories. The chapters from which you can draw ideas include: 3, 5, 6, 9, 12 (choose the theories/ideas most relevant to your perspective; you do NOT have to use ideas from all of them) and discuss the article you’ve chosen to read on the priority you have identified. You are also to review the videos listed below prior to writing your paper. Please submit your finished product to the dropbox as indicated below.