Ethical frame work- Social work

Design an Ethical Framework

A young professional man writing on a document while thinking. You have been presented several frameworks for ethical decision making in the online essays and the readings from your text.

In this written assignment you will choose one of these ethical frameworks, giving your rationale for making this choice. You must cite sources from the course readings. Do not simply list the NOHSE standards that apply to each responsibility. The NOHSE standards certainly should be apart of the paper but, I want your individual thoughts and ideas; demonstrating an understanding of the material presented. Your paper should include a preamble explaining your ethical stance including its basic ethical or religious perspective (Deontological, Teleological, Religious, or Postmodern) and the point of view of the theorist, religious figure, or philosophy you have chosen. The main body of the paper should address the following ethical areas: your responsibility to: yourself, those who are close to you (your own family, friends, etc.), all of your potential clients (including individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities), your colleagues, your agency or other employer, and society as a whole. It should conclude with a summary the steps you plan to use in making ethical decisions using this framework.

The paper should be concise, but complete. APA formatting should be used for citations.

Your paper should use the following general format. (Note: Review NOHSE/COSHE standards in the next module for a good pattern to follow.)

Title page


Responsibilities to yourself

Responsibilities to clients

Responsibilities to your community

Responsibilities to society

Responsibilities to colleagues

Responsibilities to agency or employer

Summary of steps to be taken in ethical decision making

References (in APA format)

· A detailed review of the delivery of one of the aspects of the sustainability of the London 2012 Games. This should include BOTH academic perspectives and news perspectives

· A short opinion survey of the aspect of sustainability chosen for detailed review, carried out by you from a sample of students at GSM London

· A conclusion which includes critical evaluation of the sustainability of the London 2012 Games based on the evidence that you have gathered both from your primary and secondary research, focusing on the aspect chosen for detailed review