Ethical Issues on Engineering Technology

Pick one of the Ethical Issues on Engineering Technology and Make it the Topic.

Written Report Guidelines

Each student MUST write a report on a topic taken from any of the following areas: 1.) Ethical issues in engineering technology, 2.) diversity as it relates to the engineering technology profession, or 3.) contemporary societal and global issues in the engineering technology field.

The report MUST meet the following specifications:

Preparation: The report MUST be typed three (3) to four (4) pages in length, double-spaced with no wider than 1” borders and no larger than 12 point font with at least three (3) different references. The report MUST observe all standard rules of a professionally prepared written report including proper use of grammar and spelling. (There MUST be at least three (3) complete pages of text material!)

Title page: Must include the project title, course name, student name, and date. (Not included in page count!)

Introduction: Must include background information and/or a brief history to introduce your topic.

Discussion: This is the body of the report. Must include a full discussion or description to completely explain the topic. Include figures and data as needed.

Summary/Conclusion: Discuss the current status or usage of the subject you have described. Give some indications of future developments.