You will be writing an ethnography. You will choose a subculture that you identify in the community around us. This can be a group of people who share certain interests or styles of living or playing.

In addition to this primary research, you will bring in at least two pieces of secondary research, information compiled by someone else and then published. You will be looking for published scholarly research that in some way corroborates what you’ve observed firsthand. For this paper, you may also use credible information found in the popular media – newspapers and magazines, as well as Internet sites – but use discretion.
As you write your paper, you will introduce your secondary research sources where it backs up what you’ve observed firsthand, and then you will cite those sources – both in the text of your paper and on a separate works cited page – following MLA style rules. You can find the correct ways to cite these sources in your Pocket Style Manual.
For this paper, you will be required to follow some specific style rules.
Your paper should be:
• 1,200 to 1,400 words in length (four to five pages) with a title at the beginning.
• Word-processed, double-spaced in 11- or 12-point type.
Your paper should include:
• Page numbers in the upper right-hand corner of each page with each page number preceded by your last name (no punctuation between your name and the page number).
• In-text citations; any time you cite a quotation or concept from the text or any outside source you must cite the source within the text following MLA style conventions. Such a citation will look like this:
… at the end of the 20th century” (Grant 275).
In other words: close the quote with quotation marks if it is a direct quote, open parenthesis, author’s last name, page number, close parenthesis, period.