Findings And Conclusion, And Ethical Implications

Write A Findings And Conclusion, And Ethical Implications Section Will Add 2–3 Pages (600-900 Words) To Already Existing Paper.

PLEASE Make necessary corrections to existing research paper annotated by the professor before continuing with the next step
Paper Length:
Writing the findings and conclusion, and ethical implications section will add 2–3 pages (600-900 words) , double spaced, not including and reference page
Add two sub headings to existing research project paper . 1) Findings and Conclusions, and 2) Ethical Implications ( Use Brief Literature Review from paper and other sources)
 Utilized a logic diagram as a visual representation to identify the relationship of findings to conclusions. ( See Attached information for details)
 Identified and described significant themes discovered in the review of literature that advanced the investigation of the problem.
 Identified and described the conclusions, in a diagnostic format, that will lead to possible solutions to resolve the problem.
 Evaluated ethical implications in research and decision making.
 Summarized key points.
 Convinced the reader that you are advancing the investigation of the organizational problem.
 Informed the reader on next steps in the research process