Fox Lore

My thesis statement is "Fox lore exits in many cultures, and specifically in the far east. In Japan, though the stores and motifs originated in China, it has developed and evolved into something distinctively Japanese.
This paper should describe the generic story, history and historical development in China, Korea and Japan that is similar themes, then to how it is unique in Japan.
Specific examples of fox stories from both China and Japan, as well as Korea if it is mentioned, should be used in the paper. I would like stories such as;The Mergen and the Fox Fairies" "Ms. Ren" "gongitsune" "Pai-chang’s
I would also like to see these sources used in the paper: The Cult of the Fox: Power Gender, and Popular Religion in Late Imperial and Modern China
The Fox and the Jewel: Shared and Private Meanings in Contemporary Inari Worship
The Shapeshifter Fox: The Imagery of Transformation and the Transformation of Imagery in Japanese Religion and Folklore
Shifting Shape, Shaping Text Philosophy and Folklore in the Fox Koan