Gender, Status & Power Research Questions
Answer the questions listed below drawing from discussions and readings in the course text’s Gender, Status & Power Chapter. Review the Research Guidelines in Assignment Instructions section of the course for examples and specific instructions.

Identify how both Kevin/Brittany and Marcus/Tiffany engage in self presentation as described in the textbook; comprehensively explain why they would do this. Identify how Kevin/Brittany and Marcus/Tiffany are doing gender in this video; give reasons for why they would do this? According to the external peer reviewed research why do women often enact gender appropriate behaviors in social settings such as those shown in this clip?
Consider the textbook’s discussion about talking down, ordering around and silencing- comprehensively explain how Kevin/Brittany and Marcus/Tiffany’s behavior supports or refutes this research. Do Kevin/Brittany and Marcus/Tiffany utilized gender management strategies as discussed in the textbook/ lecture- discuss in detail why or why not? Drawing on external peer reviewed research discuss how these characters’ appearance, as a non verbal message, can influence how others perceptions of them.
The textbook/ lecture identifies several types of sexism- identify any two that are illustrated in this video and discuss why they might have been used in these situations. Drawing on the hassles and stressors research in the textbook discuss the potential affect of these experiences on Kevin/Brittany and Marcus/Tiffany’s attitudes. According to the external peer reviewed research, what are the potential consequences that Kevin/Brittany and Marcus/Tiffany may face if she/ he challenged unfair treatment or behaviors?
Research Paper Instructions
1. Structure of the paper. The paper should be double-spaced. It should be around a minimum 9 to maximum 12 pages, NOT including a required reference page. You are not penalized for writing less or more- this is just a guideline to help you understand how comprehensive your answers should be. Put your name, panther ID, Paper title and date (single- spaced) in the top left corner. Set up a separate reference page at the end. A title page and abstract is not required, and they will not count toward the page/ word total. The margins should be no more than 1 inch. The font should be Times New Roman and no larger than size 12. The paper must be submitted using Microsoft word; wpd, txt or other formats will not be accepted.
2. Answer what is being asked. To answer each question, just put the number and the response. DO NOT rewrite the question or put a lead in discussion, abstract or introduction. Do not use first person or a conversational style. Do not include personal opinion or content beyond the course or peer reviewed research. This is an academic paper and should be approached as such. This will be considered evidence of not following instructions.

3. Provide analysis. For every question (this means the three questions within numbers 1, 2 and 3) you need to begin by clearly defining the concept/ term being asked about. This means not only do you cite the one or two sentence definition from the text, but go further and fully explain the concept using your own words. Fully illustrate what the concept/ term is and its broad application in society or various contexts.

4. Apply concepts to content. After you have provided a comprehensive definition, then illustrate its application to the video/ article assigned with this Research Paper. Discuss the evidence in this video/ clip that does or does not support the term/ concepts meaning as outlined in the text’s research. Be sure to fully explain how the content you selected from the video/ article supports or refutes the research outlined in the textbook or peer reviewed articles. Do not simply give the example without linking it to the research you have put forth.

5. Integrate external research. For the question that asks about the external/ peer reviewed research, you must include an article that comes from a peer reviewed journal outside of the course. For information about finding peer reviewed journals go to RESEARCH RESOURCES in the RESEARCH PAPER section of the course.

Once you have found an article that directly relates to the questions being asked, illustrate how the research findings in the article support or refute the question. This means that you must outline the research study. What did the study do, who were the subjects and what did they find. This should be clearly spelled out and integrated into your answer. Just providing an overview of the abstract is not enough. Integrate the research study findings with the examples you are using. Clearly show the applicability of the study is in terms of further explaining what is happening in the video/article. Discuss these findings in the context of the question being asked; this means that you must link your answer to the broader question.