Human capital

1. What managers’ decisions have you seen as a course of action or program in health or safety that upheld the value of “human capital,” or people in the organization? Do you recommend a different course of action in hindsight?
2. Continuous advancements in technology are deeply affecting the way businesses are managed. Do you think technology (the Internet, for example) should radically alter the fundamental strategies and organizational structures of companies? Or do you think companies can simply graft new strategies and structures onto existing ones? How have innovations in technology affected your life and the way you do business?
3. What efforts have been made, in the form of legislation, to help protect elders and victims of hate crime? Do you think this is enough? What, in your opinion, needs to happen to prevent crimes such as this as well as help victims?
4. Explain how you would work with a victim with sight impairment, one with hearing impairment, and one in a wheelchair. What problems or issues do you think each would face within the criminal justice system? What could you do to assist?
DB only need 150 words