Textbook that MUST be used "Mass Communication in Canada" Seventh edition by mike gasher,david skinner and rowland lorimer. isbn 978-0-19-543383-8

please do select canadian reference if possible, thank you.

*instructor requirement*

Chapter 6 outlines various schools of thought about technology. Tapping into newspapers, magazines, books, and/or the Internet, find at least one example of statements about technology for each of the following: instrumentalism, determinism, substantivism, and constructivism. Also, find an example of how closure has brought about a determinist illusion with respect to a particular piece of technology. Finally, select a piece of technology and explain how it is a socio-technical ensemble.

Your essay should be 1,500 words, typed and double-spaced.

Although the content of your work is the priority, please note that style, structure, and proper referencing are also important to the overall presentation of your work. Poorly written work inevitably receives a lower grade.

Expectations and Suggestions

Your goal is to demonstrate both your understanding of the course material and your ability to apply this newfound knowledge (i.e., the course material and content) to relevant examples.

Most important is that you demonstrate your understanding of the main ideas and concepts in your own words, not just by quoting from the textbook. You must illustrate how you can apply these ideas and concepts by using relevant examples to strengthen your key points or arguments.

You must also demonstrate your ability to think beyond the information and analysis presented. You are required to demonstrate academic relevance/references in all your examples.

The tutor-marker will look for how you process the course information and apply this knowledge to the wider world

Points to Remember

Include the question at the top of the first page. If you want to create a separate title under it, fine, but don’t omit the question.
Don’t be afraid to use headings. If the textbook does, so can you. This is not an English class.
Bold opinion does not belong in an essay. A point of view supported by facts and argument does.
Use a spell checker.
Read the essay out loud. If you stumble, your sentence construction is probably awkward.
Look at the essay-marking rubric your tutor-marker will use.