Information Systems and Business Processes

Using the information in the text Nickels, W. G., McHugh, J., & McHugh, S. (2013). Understanding business (10th ed.). and the information about my business plan that i attached for you, write a paper that completes Section VI, Business Processes section of the Brief Business Plan described in the final project. Please refer to the Sustainable Brief Business Plan for further details.

Business Plan

Task Description: Use material in the text and Week 6 course material to complete this section of the Plan. Define and describe the essential business processes that will be needed to serve the customer needs and meet management’s goals and objectives for the business.

• What information systems will be required?

• How will you capture, retrieve, organize, and protect information regarding customers and financial transactions of the business?

• What operational processes must be developed to keep the business functioning profitably (e.g., customer service, manufacturing, procurement, logistics, marketing, accounting)?

• What sustainability and triple bottom line measures are critical to track, and what systems will be used?

This section of your plan should also describe how you will monitor and control quality performance. Identify critical risks and explain how these will be mitigated or managed.