Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

The report should be following:
1.First Part – Analysis
Choose seven sound tracks among the uploaded files. You are required to analyze each of the seven sound tracks.
Note the name of the group performing and describe their instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, sax, etc.).
Be as specific as possible in describing the genre and sub-genre of the music, in other words if it’s jazz, is it mainstream, free, smooth, Dixieland, etc.
For each song or piece, note the name and writer (if possible), and describe the music.
You might consider the tempo (whether it was slow, medium, or fast), the character of the music (was it exciting, mellow, soulful, etc.), and the form of the music (12-bar blues, AABA, etc.).
2.Second Part – Personal Reflection
Now, assume you actually attended the live performance. The seven sound tracks that you choose were performed consecutively.
This second part should be four paragraphs which are following:
1. Describe your overall response to the performance and explain why (if you were bored, why were you bored? If you were thrilled, why were you thrilled?).
2. Describe the audience reaction to the performance.
3. Choose your favorite song or piece and explain what you liked about it and why.
4. Would you want to attend another performance in this genre of music in this type of venue and why or why not?
For the second part, note you must write the report as if you actually attended the live performance. For example, if the performance was in the night club, you can set up a situation like: As soon as the singer began to sing, the fans began to sing every word of the songs as loud as they could. You can make up any story you want, but it should be realistic and matched with the circumstance – Jazz Orchestra. You don’t need to use any sources.
The video below might be helpful to understand the circumstance of the live performance.