Lab report #1

Lab Purpose/Objective:  The purpose of this laboratory is to gain experience and increase knowledge of surveying equipment, to enable you to visually recognize and learn the names of various surveying instruments, and understand the operation of those surveying instruments.

Report Content:
(A)    List the equipment displayed during this exercise and provide a description of the following:
(1)    purpose;
(2)    distinguishing characteristics (both physical and technical); and,
(3)    basic operation including necessary accompanying equipment.

(B)    In addition to the requirements above for all displayed surveying instruments, use your textbook and other sources, such as the Internet, to provide a (1) picture(s) and (2) description of the historical development during the 19th and 20th centuries of one of the two following sets of instruments.
•    Vertical leveling instruments (measuring elevations)
[Wye level ? Dumpy level ? Auto-level ? Digital auto-level]
•    Horizontal control instruments (measuring angles and distances)
[Vernier transit ? Theodolite ? Digital theodolite ? Total station]

For the instrument set you select (either vertical or horizontal), provide pictures of each of the instruments for the historical development in addition to a written description of that development.  Include approximate dates, origins, manufacturers, etc. in order to thoroughly describe the historical development of each instrument.

Report Format:  Each laboratory activity requires a written report from each student individually.  These lab reports are considered technical or scientific in nature and thus are written in 3rd person format.  Do not use 1st or 2nd person format for the lab reports.  In other words, do not use I, me, my, mine, you, they, we, our, etc.; it is best to avoid the use of pronouns altogether in this and the remaining lab reports for the ITCM 310 class.