Lean Six Segma Process Improvment

*this module is a Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement and the coursework consists of a case study problem situation and has a word limit of 3000 maximum.

*(the case study will be uploaded with extra useful items to help you during the coursework).

*In this coursework you should read the case study uploaded and apply the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology to the Riverside Hospital Case Study and write a report detailing each stage of the project you select for improvement.

In particular you should:

1- Define the problem:

*Select a suitable project for improvement;

*Make a business case for your selected project;

*Write a project problem statement;

*Write an objective statement(s);

*Draw a SIPOC map;

*Conduct a Pareto analysis

*Apply Y = F (X) + E to your problem (identify your desired output and independent variables).

*Identify variables that are Critical to quality for the patient;

*Identify variables that are Critical to quality for the caterers.


*Map the value stream for your selected problem;

*Build a House of Quality

*Calculate the food delivery cycle time;

*Calculate DPMO and hence Sigma level for the hospital meals process; *Draw appropriate run charts and / or process control charts;


*Identify value and non-value added process steps;

*Draw a cause and effect diagram to identify potential causes to your problem.

*Use Why-Why and How-How analysis;

*Using appropriate data construct a Scatter Diagram and investigate any possible correlations;


*Redraw the improved value-stream for the food delivery process;

*Calculate the new cycle time and savings;

*Suggest further improvements to the processes that could help improve the problem situation even more.


*Identify measures that you can take to ensure that the potential improvements recognised are achieved in reality and those improvements maintained.

6-This is a REPORT – it should be concise, structured into separate numbered sections; any descriptions used should be brief.

*Title page

*Contents page

*Executive Summary – think of this like an abstract (summing up your report).

This should give a brief summary or overview of your report, including its conclusions.

7-Introduction – briefly discuss what the report is about – set it into context. Why is it important or significant?

*Method – this section concerns the DMAIC.

*Present your results

*Discuss your results

8-Conclusions – summarise your key points

9-Recommendation – list of suggestions for action to resolve problems

10-No References required unless necessary

11-Appendices – if appropriate. Number each item and include in the contents page.

*(please it’s important to see the files uploaded and email me if you need any thing and this is a final year module and it worth 50% of the overall marks).