Literature Review: Making an Album (music)

This literature review’s purpose is to gather knowledge and information that will help me with my big scale project (Creative Project 2). For my Creative project 2, I will be making an album (music) and I will be doing the whole thing (from writing the music, playing the instruments, recording them, editing, mixing, mastering and producing) with some minor helps from friends to play the instruments that I can’t. The whole thing will be done mainly in my bedroom studio setup with limited equipment and budget.

The research will be mainly about getting information on how to achieve it (not the very basic since I’m already in a Bachelor of Audio course) and other relevant information where I could apply to myself when doing my Creative Project 2. This may be looking at how other people (self-produced artist such as Patrick Stump’s solo project) so I know their process, time management, how to find the right people, microphone placement to get best result at a home scenario, their signal flow (audio engineering perspective), how to keep their mind focus, and anything related to it. More details about the project is attached as PDF file. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.