Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope

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At Uberdoco our aim is to seek for innovative and functional medical equipment, apparels and other nifty gadgets to help medical professionals perform their duties and even have some fun doing it. We curate our product offering to make sure we share only the best items with you. Our curation process focus on 4 key points: 1. Performance and efficiency 2. Quality for material and make 3. Functionality in a hospital or clinical setting 4. Price What makes us unique is our focus on curating quality and innovative products for medical professionals.
Target Audience: Prospect Customers
Comprehension level: Basic Knowledge
Target demographic: Adults 25 40, Adults 40 60, Industry Specialists, Men, Women
Most of our customers come from the medical profession such as Doctors, nurses, physicians, veterinarians. Of this group majority are nurses. We also receive a lot of orders from people who are looking to buy gifts for the medical professionals.
Objective: Inform and Educate.
Our focus is to use this article to improve our SEO and engage customers, inform and motive them to purchase Ultrascope stethoscopes via Uberdoco.
Tone of Writing: Everyday Informal.
It needs to be professional/business with a touch of informal so that informative yet not not boring or dry. If I would have to create a category for this tone I would call it ‘Business Casual’.
Sourcing Requirements:
Special Instruction:
I need 5 general articles for the above keywords. below are the titles and the brief for each article:
1. 1# Littmann Cardiology III Alternative
Keyword: littmann cardiology iii
– Talk about how UltraScope is a good alternative to the Littmann Cardiology III. Compare Performance, quality, pricing and after sales support (Support experience, Warranty, guarantee, etc)
2. Cardiology Stethoscope: Littmann vs UltraScope
Keyword: littmann cardiology stethoscope
– Focus on the advantages of UltraScope over than Littmann. Compare Performance, quality, pricing and after sales support (Support experience, Warranty, guarantee, etc)
3. Comparison Of Stethoscope Bell and Diaphragm
Keyword: stethoscope bell vs diaphragm
– 1st goal is to educate readers about the difference about the Bell, Diaphragm.
– 2nd goal is to introduce the single sided head design and show the differences between
both stethoscopes
– Finally, is to promote the single sided head design as the better option based on design and functionality.
4. 10 Stethoscope Usage Tips
Keyword: stethoscope tips
– 10 Stethoscope Usage Tips. A quick google search will reveal some good articles and videos on this topic.
5. 10 Top Rated Stethoscopes For Nurses
Keyword: top rated stethoscope
– Do a review of this top 10 stethoscopes. Make Ultrascope the hero.
“1. UltraScope Stethoscope.
2. Littmann cardiology iii
3. Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope (
4. ADC ADSCOPE 603 Stainless Stethoscope (
5. Prestige Clinical Cardiology Stethoscope (
6. Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope (
7. ADC Adscope 609ST Stethoscope (
8. Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope (
9. MDF MD One Premium Dual Head Stethoscope (
10. Graham Field Sprague Rappaport-Type Stethoscope (”