Magnet recognition desired

Magnet recognition desired

Answer the questions below using the readings you have been assigned to read so far this semester. Put a heading on your paper that includes your
name, the course number. Date due and also use a running head that includes the page number and your name. Double-space the paper and use 1 inch margins with Times New

Roman 12-point font. Don’t put references, but in your answers, use the following abbreviations to cite your responses & put the page number after the

abbreviation. For the ANA Scope/Standards of N. Administration use ANA, p. ___
For Keeping Patients Safe use KPS, p. ____
For Heroic Leadership use HL, p. ____
If you use any Harvard Business Review article that I mentioned in class, use HBR-Boss for
Becoming the Boss or HBR-EssentialsSP for Essentials of Strategic Planning or HBR-Lie for
The Big Lie of Strategic Planning.
To: Gloria Gaines, RN, CNO
From: Mark Moore, MD, CEO
RE: Magnet recognition desired
As we discussed at our recent Executive Strategic Planning Retreat, the Division of Nursing
should formulate a strategic plan to apply for Magnet recognition within two years. Our external
consultants have identified an entrenched pattern of transactional leadership with a negative
motivational style that has resulted in abysmal patient outcomes. They have also identified
substantial horizontal violence in the organization. Please provide a summary of how you plan
to help our nurse leaders become transformational leaders, how they will help to eliminate
horizontal violence, and the plan for how these two changes will improve patient care outcomes
so that an application for Magnet can be made within two years and can succeed.
Questions to answer:
1. Explain how transformational leadership differs from transactional leadership; use the
IOM document Keeping Patients Safe, the ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing
Administration, and the four pillars of Heroic Leadership to write this response [about 2 pages]
2. Explain how a transactional leadership style probably relates to horizontal violence among staff, and then explain how a nurse manager using the transformational

leadership style would address the problem of horizontal violence. [2 pages]
3. Given all that you’ve written, how shall the Chief Nursing Officer proceed to meet the goal to apply for Magnet designation within 2 years? What would her strategic

plan look like?
Check the ANA webpage regarding Magnet designation criteria [1 page]

The reading have been in
Page, A. (2004). Keeping Patients Safe:Transforming the work Environment of Nurses.
Lowney, C. (2003). Heroic Leadership: Best practices from a 450-years-old Company that Changed the World
Dunham-Taylor, J, Pinczuk, J.Z. (2010). Financial Mangement for Nurse Mangers: Merging the Heart with the Dollar, 2nd Edition.
American Nurses Association. (2009). Nursing Administration: Scope and Standards of Practice, 2nd Edition

And the assigned reading have been
Page (2004): Executive overview and ch. 1, 2, 3, and 4
ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing Administration
IOM (2010). Future of Nursing ch. 1, and 5.
Lowney (2003) ch. 2, 5, and 9.
Dunham (2010) ch. 5. and 16
Harvard Business Review e-journal: Jan, 2013, pp. 133-134 Strategic Leadership