maintenance plan

Initech would like to read your proposal for hardware, software, and a maintenance plan that you will be recommending for the SOHO. In 3-5 pages, provide the following:
Business needs
What hardware will Initech need? Why?
What software (OS, applications) will Initech need? Why?
Will specific facilities be needed, such as server closets, HVAC accommodations, fire suppression, etc.? Why or why not?
What type of data will be stored? Are there different levels of data sensitivity? If so, how will you differentiate between storing these levels?
Hardware specifications
What type of PCs will you use? Why?
How will you configure the PCs chosen? Why?
What type of mobile devices will be used? Why?
How will you configure the mobile devices–with one setting for everyone, or can the devices be customized? Why?
Software (OS, applications, antimalware) specifications
What software will be installed on the PCs? Why?
What software will you install on the mobile devices? Why?
Maintenance plan
What type of maintenance plan will you incorporate into your business? How often will you upgrade the hardware? Why? How often will you upgrade the software? Why?
What ethical issues could arise as you gather the requirements for your proposal? How would you address those issues?
While gathering information from Initech employees in regards to what Initech will need for their SOHO, you encounter a disgruntled Initech employee that is upset you were brought in for this project. As a professional, how would you handle this employee?
Use vocabulary and tone appropriate for your target audience–your client, Initech. If you used outside resources to support your content (for example, articles, charts, or images you use that are not your own), be sure to cite those sources.