Marketers for popularizing our website and gaining cients

We are an education consulting firm working in the field of online education. We are in this field for over 5 years now and have been catering to international clientele from USA, UK, Australia, UAE etc. We are trying to aggressively expand our client base to new regions and this is where we need your help.
We need to reach our potential clients in your country and others where you might have contacts. The target being the college going and school students who have any kinds of education needs like online tutoring for specific concepts or complete syllabus, project help etc.
If you have any contacts in the schools, colleges and universities of your country or any other country please help us reach them. This is a long term work and you can use any media you deem fit to help us gain more business. This is a long term position and doesn’t need you to be actively engaged. All you need is to refer the candidates you think might be interested in taking our help for their studies.
Payment model: For every contact converted into business we will be paying you 15$ (USD) which will be increased to 20$ per contact converted once you have helped us convert 100 contacts to business. Moreover, there will be an additional bonus of 100$ per 50 contacts converted.
The form of association can vary and customized to the needs of the individual associates. You will be joining as Marketing Associates and help us gaining traction in new schools and colleges. You can either join us on a contractual basis wherein you will be compensated on a per referral basis or a more regular basis wherein you will be joining us on a salaried basis. To be hired as a salaried employee you must have crossed at least 100 referrals.
All the work will be managed via Upwork and payments done through creating milestones.
Here are some of the services that we provide.
– Online Tutoring: We can help the students out with any doubts they might have in their studies in any subject and any topic.
– Project Help: We can help the students out with their college/ school projects if they face any diffculties and need any help in reworking/ reviewing or working on it from scratch.
– Programming: WE can provide all sorts of programming solutions in virtually any programming language.
In addition to the above we can help out with virtually any form of service that the students might need 24*7. All the rework will be absolutely free and we will ensure the students can score the best in their studies.
If you are interested kindly drop a message. In case you are yourself a student or are associated with some educational institutions it would be highly appreciated.
This is a long term position and we are looking for long term associates.
Waiting for your message.
Project Type: Ongoing project
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
1. Where are you located and what are you doing currently (as in working professional, student etc)
2. How do you propose to best help us in achieving our goals?