Math Content Writers Needed for High School Level Math Exams

We are looking for math content writers to write and develop new math questions for high school level math exams.
Question categories would include Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2.
Each exam has 84 questions and we are looking for developers that will create worksheets with a range of questions from the above categories. If selected, you will be directed as to exactly how many questions from each category as well as concepts that you should write around.
You will also write detailed solutions for each problem.
Upon completion of the project, all rights transfer to us.
Please provide samples of your work so we may evaluate the quality of your writing style and content.
The project will be broken up into 5 question segments. There is the potential for upwards of 20+ segments per developer we hire.
Please provide a quote for one 5 question segment of unique questions and solutions.