Merchandising Strategies WET SEAL

You have hired as a private consultant hired to advise the top level management team of a major retailer, Wet Seal. If you read the news and pay attention to NRF smartbriefs, you may have noticed that Wet Seal is sometimes in the retail news, and not always in a good way!
Your job in this case study will be to propose a strategy to improve sales and/or profitability as it pertains to an assigned topic. Your case study should convince the management team that your strategy is the best possible action to take to solve their problem.
Objective: To clearly define the target market, select (buy) product mix and establish either a presentation or marketing opportunity. If marketing is chosen, it must include a significant social media component. The result will be the maximization of sales and profit.
You must have a minimum of 3 Action Points,
which need to include 3 Implementation Strategies specifically addressing how your Action Points can be put to work at Wet Seal in a way that will both serve the customer and address the needs of the company from a business / financial perspective.